Book Cover In Developing Awareness, the reader is inspired and encouraged to look within for personal answers. In this collection of fun and light-hearted personal stories, Dorena describes her process of questioning the modus operandi and trusting her own knowing. To further aid inner exploration, this 10th Anniversary Edition includes additional questions and tools to help the reader end depression, stop anxiety, and explore/expand their consciousness/awareness/mindfulness.

"We all have the capacity to be aware of much more than we currently are."

Dorena has become free of anxiety and depression despite being severely abused as a child, repressing all the memories of that abuse, and moving into adulthood being numbed out and dissociated. She demonstrates in this collection of stories that anyone can develop awareness and uncover greater knowing regardless of their initial capacity. With 25% of the US adult population suffering from depression or anxiety her message of creating inner peace is inspirational and timely.

"The Answers Are Within-A Collection of Personal Stories Volume 1: Developing Awareness is an excellent, deeply satisfying read of honest self-expression of pain, growth, and truth. Dr. Rode teaches the reader how to go deep, then shows how worthwhile the search and inner work is in achieving inner peace. In sharing her awakening, she lights the path for others." --Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., LISAC
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